The locket unfolds as the story does.

Metacarcinus Persiflage magister - The Common Ocean Crab is a truly unique and remarkable creature, exalted, revered, holding a position aspired to but never achieved by all lesser crustaceans. Born of a sacred moulting, cast adrift upon the waves of the wine-dark seas, the sprats form into queues and phalanxes to war against their ancient octoppodean foes...Erm...I would be overjoyed to continue the lesson but I am afraid that I must stoop to the crass algebra of necessity and remuneration...say, perhaps, a loose fish head, some vermicelli and a cold coin? Creditors sadly follow accreditation...

Minka is the bested kitty in the whole world! I like to brush her fur and put bows in her hair and sometimes she runs away to kill bugs and stuff but she always comes home because I always leave a bowl of milk out for her.





Don't interrupt me! I gotta name now, and that mean's I'm PEOPLE. HA! 

AS I WAS SAYING. So. Yea. Everything. If it doesn't fit, break it until it does. If it squawks, hurry up, someone might be watching you. My favorite is eyes, but it's best to wait until the thing is dead or sleeping. They squawk if you try to eat 'em when they're awake.

I don't remember anything before.


Before I wasn't. Then I was. Now I am. I'd like to know more about it, but all I have to talk to are crows. They are, I think, inaccurate reporters. Full of words and thoughts and impulse. The excess overflows, jumbled. I'd like to know more about everyhting. I'm stuffed full of feathers, but there's room left. Empty spots inside me where I could fit ideas and pictures and music and more. I need to find some. I think it's all out there, somewhere, past the corn.

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